Air-Powered Fluid Extractor Set w/Anti-Dripping Design





  • Designed for Extracting Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant & ATF.
  • 6 Liter / 1.5 Gallon Tank capacity suitable for most fluids in the car.
  • High Quality Translucent Tube for Inserting into Dipstick Tube.
  • Provided with a Brake Bleeder Valve Adapter for fast brake fluid extraction.


  • Special Anti-Dripping device to prevent unsafe oil dripping on the working floor.
  • Unique base that you can step on to stabilize and secure the tank in place!!!

Engine Oil Extraction –
Warm up the engine to working temperature (may range from 60-90℃/ 140- to 194℉).
Remove the oil dipstick & compare the length to the translucent
Insert the translucent tube into the dipstick tube with the same length to the dipstick.
Connect the tank to air compressor
Turn on the air valve and engine oil will be extracted accordingly.
Turn off the air valve, and remove the translucent tube from the engine when engine oil is fully extracted.
Insert the tip of the translucent tube to the anti-dripping device to prevent residual oil in the tube dripping on the working floor.

Insert a suitable-sized box wrench onto the brake bleeder valve on wheel cylinder.
Connect the brake bleeder valve adapter to the brake bleeder valve
Connect the tank to air compressor.
Turn on the air valve & brake fluid will be extracted.
Turn off the air valve when extracted brake fluid color turns lighter, which indicates that the brake fluid is no longer the old brake fluid.