Who We Are?

Tien Chien Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a one of the oldest and still vibrantly strong leading exporter / manufacturer of Auto Repair Tools in Taiwan since 1969. Kingtool® Auto Tool /3D Print Modify Finishing Tools are manufactured by Tien Chien Enterprises Co, Ltd. So far, we have more than 8,000 kinds of Auto Repair Tools in our product range with excellent quality and competitive price. 

Kingtool® Auto Tool are popular around the world, and have been receiving high review and sales in all 5 continents.
We are sure to be the one stop for all your Auto Repair Tool needs.


How do I place an order?

Please e-mail us your order list  info@autotool.com.tw

If you like to order our 3D Modify Finishing Tools, please visit our Amazon Store:


If you wish to do bulk order, please contact us for discount prices.


How long is the warranty?

12 months after purchased. We know you want longer warranty!!  Who doesn’t~ So please feel free to contact us on info@autotool.com.tw  if the tools unfortunately broke after warranty period expired.


What is the MOQ of each item?

We are not greedy, so the MOQ of each item is quantity per carton. For example: our KA-9883DK 3D Prints Modify Finishing Tool is packed 20 sets in one carton. So the MOQ is 20 sets. Isn’t that a wonderful news?


Can I have my own logo printed or laser-engraving on tool, my own label on the package, and tools to be packed in my branded box and cards?

YES, but there might be MOQ quantity and we always fulfill our customers, please leave the hard works to us.


Is there “Local Running Cost” per order?

I am sorry to bring to emotional turmoil, but our answer is “YES”, and to shatter your heart more that we need to address that Local Running Cost does not include ANY FREIGHT at all.
But good news is that the Local Running Cost varies depending on different delivery method.

  • Sea Delivery: we will add USD 200.00 to the invoice if your order is less than USD 20000.00
  • Air Cargo: we will add USD 200.00 to the invoice for any order value. 
  • By Express Mail Service / TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS and Payment by T/T Remittance bank transaction:
USD 35.00 per order (Since the bank would charge us the transaction cost. Which banks? Every bank !!)
  • By Express Mail Service / TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS and Payment by Payoneer or Paypal: ZERO = USD 0.00

Can I select my own shipping forwarder? Or you can find one for us?

YES, you can count on us!

What are the quality and environmental protection assurance?

Working is hard and I know you rather soak in couch or go shopping. So we aim to let you spark joy while working with our tools.
Our products are proudly made in Taiwan. Our products comply with all the quality assurance qualification namely CE, ROHS, UKAS, REACH, MSDS …etc