Oil Extractor Set





  • Manual type vacuum creator for extracting engine oil (and ATF, coolant…etc)
  • Tank capacity 6 liter / 1.5 gallon
  • Tank base for feet to step on to stabilize the tank while pumping
  • Transparent hose makes it easier for mechanics to check extracted engine oil quality
  • Conical pour spout for spill-free waste oil discharge

  1. Turn on the engine for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up as warm engine oil is easier to be extracted than cold.
  2. Turn off the engine after warming up.
  3. Connect the transparent hose to the tank.
  4. Connect the hand pump to the tank.
  1. Remove the engine oil dipstick and compare the length of the dipstick to the suction probe.
  2. Use the ball on the suction probe to mark the length (Fig. 1).
  3. Insert the suction probe to the dipstick probe.
  4. Feet step on the tank base to stabilize the tank and start pumping the hand pump to create vacuum in the tank (Fig. 2).
  5. Engine oil will be extracted when vacuum is being created.
  6. Observe the engine oil quality through the transparent hose (to see if the engine oil is emulsified, contains much debris, or other possible problems), and do the related services after engine oil is extracted completely.
  7. It takes about 8 minutes to extract 4 liter / 1 gallon of engine oil after pumping 40 strokes to create sufficient vacuum at the temperature of 75°C / 167°F.
  8. After the engine oil is completed extracted, pull out the suction probe, and disconnect the transparent hose as well as the cap from the tank. Connect the conical pour spout to the tank.
  9. Pour the waste oil from the tank to a drainer. The conical pour spout may prevent unsafe oil spills.