3D-Print Parts Finishing Tool - Foam Cutter Tip

3D Printing Tool




  • Foam Cutter Tip
  • 5 Volt, 8 Watt
  • Powered by USB Cord
  • USB Length: 1.2M
  • Heat up to working temp 110°C (230°F) about 5 seconds
  • Max temp: 270°C (518°F)


  • 3D printers are advance equipment that produce magnificent parts straight from the printer. But sometimes, the printing errors do occur!!! Removing the error printed parts/products is not always an easy task. With our KA-9885B, you can modify/finish/repair the product and avoid from print again!!
A fantastic, low cost solution to Modify, Repair, Finish the 3D printed parts.
Item No. Description Specification
KA-9885A Soldering Tip 1.Heat up to working temp. 185℃ about 12 seconds
2.Max. Temp.: 480℃
KA-9885B Foam Cutter Tip
  1. Heat up to working temp. 110℃ about 5 seconds
  2. Max. Temp.: 270℃
KA-9885C Wood Burning Tip
  1. Heat up to working temp. 300℃ about 20 seconds
  2. Max. Temp.: 450℃
KA-9885D Plastic Cutter For 3D Printer
  1. Heat up to working temp. 200℃ about 20 seconds
  2. Max. Temp.: 400℃