Cordless Soldering Iron Kit - 30W





  • Ideal for heavy duty of soldering works, such as cooper plate or solid copper wire.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (2,500mAH)
  • Charging time 3 to 4 hours.
  • 20-90 minutes continuous runtime. * depends on the tip type
  • Protection of PC board for overcharging/over discharging / short circuit/ ESD.
  • Content: Tip: KA-9886-S3, S4, H12 , Cleaning sponge , 15g Rosin Cores Solder
  • Plastic Case with EVA Tray.

Advantage of Battery Operated Multi-Function Heating Tool:
  • Safe to carry on plane. No more butane refills!!
  • Led Light attachment for illumination.
  • Easy to recharge by USB charge mode.
  • Excellent performance even in low temperature or unstable climate.
  • The housing stays COOL even pressing the on button continuously for minutes!!
Housing stays cool even in prolong use for 30 minutes. Protection cover USB Charging Charging Indicator

Parts No. Description Q’ty
KA-9886-BODY Heating Tool with Protection Cover 1
KA-9886-S3 30W Cone Type Soldering Tip 1
KA-9886-S4 30W Chisel Type Soldering Tip 1
KA-9886-H12 16W Heat Shrink 1
KA-9886-P3 15g Rosin Core Solder 1
KA-9886-P1 Stand 1
KA-9886-P7 Tip Cleaner 1
KA-9886-USB USB Charger Wire 1
-- Plastic Case with EVA Tray 1