Universal Brake Refilling Adapter – Fastener Type





  • Brake pressure bleeding adapter with a 90° rotating coupling fits almost all vehicles on the market
  • Fits master cylinder fill neck smaller than Ø39 mm / 1.5”
  • Regular working pressure 1-2 bar / 14.5 - 29 psi


  • 1. Bolt (2pcs) Hex 16mm, M8 x1.25
  • 2. Upper Plate Thickness: 5mm/0.2”
  • 3. Fluid Connector 90° Angle
  • 4. Conical Rubber Material: EPDM
  • 5. Lower Plate Thickness: 4mm/0.16”
  • 6. Nuts (2pcs) OD Ø25mm, M8 x 1.25
KA-6873UN demo1
  1. Place the lower plate on the master cylinder reservoir’ s filler neck (Fig.1)
  2. Place the conical rubber on the master cylinder reservoir’s opening (Fig 2)
  3. Insert the upper plate and the bolts on the reservoir (Fig 3)
  4. Fastens the nuts on the bolts until both nuts reach the lower plate.
  5. Make sure the adapter is securely connected on the master cylinder reservoir (Fig 4)
  6. Performing a low-pressure leak test is recommended before refilling brake fluid with high pressure.