Universal Camshaft Seal Remover & Installer





  • Special Interchangeable seal assemble adapters are designed to use with the cam or crank bolt.
  • Replace the crank seal without disassembling the crankcase.
  • Capable or servicing seal size from 21.6mm to 58mm.
  • Save working time and costs.
  • Eliminate the scraping the crank surface.
  • Puller with specialized puller leg hooks that secure seal for fast and easy removal.
  • Blue seal adapters are made of aluminum to eliminate damage to crank.
Remove the Crankshaft/Cam Seal
  1. Choose the proper size of the puller legs to reach and insert the inner diameter of the seal. Let the puller legs be contrary to each other.
  2. Set the puller firmly and secure the puller leg heads on the puller crossbar firmly.
  1. Rotate the center bolt till the inner crank/cam seal is plucked away
Install the Crankshaft/Cam Sea
  1. Select the adapter that fit the size of the bolt previously removed from Crankshaft/Camshaft.
  2. Assemble the adapter and fixed ring onto the bolt (if the screw is too long, insert a spacer between the fixed ring and the blue adaptor)
  3. Select a blue adaptor that fits the diameter of the oil seal
  4. Place the new oil seal into the place on the crankshaft/camshaft, and use the flue adaptor to secure it in place.
  5. Rotate the bolt and assembled parts by hands into the crank/camUsing a spanner and press the new seal back into place.