Manual Brake Fluid Bleeder





  • Manual operation suitable for most vehicle brake system.
  • One set of universal brake fluid connector.(option, Item No. KA-7850-AD)
  • Provide a standard European adapter with a 90O fitting for narrow space.
  • A variety of brake fluid connectors suitable for different vehicle types can be selected.
  • Capacity 3000cc tank with pressure gauge, can be read & control the air pressure in the tank more easily.
  • Built-in a pressure release valve on the filler cap.
  • Include 2 M special industrial hose with control valve & connector.
  • Provided with a 1000cc fluid receiver (option, Item No. KA-7850-BT).
  • Patent in Taiwan, China, Applications in EU and USA
  • Change your brake fluid is a simple and easy operation if you have the right tool.
  • One men in same step clear operate, non-spark, quick & safety.