8pcs Coolant Refilling Funnel Set -16L





  • Set for refilling coolant and air bleeding.
  • Special funnel design features its spill-free function when disconnecting funnel from radiator adapter.
  • Transparent funnel chamber helps display air bubbles remaining the coolant.
  • Includes three steel adapters and one universal adapter with three rubber rings.
  • Suitable for imported and domestic vehicles.
  • 16L , Large funnel (1.6L / 54 Oz capacity) suitable for heavy duty and large vehicles.

  1.  Drain old coolant by removing the drain plug underneath the radiator.
  2. Choose a suitable adapter and connect the adapter onto radiator filler neck or recovery tank (Fig. 1 and 2)
NOTE: When using the universal radiator adapter with golden rotor, rubber rings can be connected to the rubber on the adapter for fitting different sizes.
  1. Connect the funnel onto the adapter (Fig. 3)
  2. Pour new coolant into the radiator or recovery tank (Fig. 4)
  3. Turn on the engine, and turn on the heater to maximum.
  4. Run at idle for air bleeding (about 20-30 minutes). Air bubbles may be observed through transparent funnel chamber (Fig. 5).
The transparent chamber assists mechanics to detect if there are any leaks from head gasket by observing air bubbles keep coming out from coolant even after 30 minute air bleeding .  Patent Pending
  1. Disconnected funnel from radiator adapter without spilling (Fig. 6)
A one-way valve is inserted at the funnel connector to radiator adapter (Fig. 7). ► Patent Pending