Shock Absorber Spring Compressor





  • Rotate and place it up and down to move quickly and save labor. In addition, it does not leak oil like the hydraulic type.
  • The specially designed upper jaw can adjust the front and back direction up and down to fix the spring tightly, safely and stably.
  • Patent.
1. Steering wheel
The steering wheel trial design requires no effort in use and no electricity.
There are three parts, screws and hexagon bolts.
Users need to install it by themselves.
2. Range of activities
The maximum range of motion is 200 ~ 530 mm.
The up / down activities can be adjusted quickly to the proper usage distance.
3. Fixed seat
New design improves the convenience of installation.
4. Adjustable movable claw
Claw-shaped shock absorber springs common to all cars and light trucks.
Can quickly correspond to the required size.
Maximum load 1 TON.
5. Center base
The thickness of the chassis is increased and the use is more stable.
Require users to install by themselves.