Multi-Range Preset Torque Wrench – Industrial Standard

KA-4536-1D KA-4536-2D KA-4536-3D KA-4536-3D1 KA-4536-4E
KA-4536-1D KA-4536-2D KA-4536-3D KA-4536-3D1 KA-4536-4E


KA-4536-1D , KA-4536-2D , KA-4536-3D , KA-4536-3D1 , KA-4536-4E


  • Industrial application with durability.
  • CW/CCW directions.
  • Quick release button design.
  • Torque value can be preset from 85, 103, 108 to 138Nm; we offer 2, 3 or 4 stage options!
  • The knurled metal handle brings the non-slip profit.
  • Easy torque setting with external scale and knob.
  • Lock function is designed to get rid of the possible misuse.
  • Tolerance of torque +-3%.
Item No. Square Drive Teeth Torque Range Weight(g) Length(mm)
KA-4536-1D 1/2” 32T 103/108 Nm 1240 462
KA-4536-2D 1/2” 32T 85/103/108 Nm 1240 462
KA-4536-3D 1/2” 32T 85/103/108/138 Nm 1240 462
KA-4536-3D1 1/2” 32T 85/103/108/120 Nm 1240 462
KA-4536-4E 1/2” 32T 80/100/120/140/160 Ft-lbs 1240 462

  1. Ratchet head: A highly robust ratchet mechanism for CW and CCW directions application. Quick released design for changing socket quickly. Repair kit for inner spare parts of ratchet head is available.
  2. Reliable mechanism: The robust and resistant fully chromed steel tube is ideal of industrial use. An audible and palpable signal indicates automatically when the desire torque value is achieved.
  3. Metal Handle: The fine knurled metal handle to against oil, dust and slip issue for even long time use.
  4. Adjustment Knob: There are 2 to 4 stage options in preset value from 85,103,108 to 138Nm.
-> New Type is 5 stage from 80,100,120,140 to 160.
-> Turn the knob to indicated preset value, then turn switch CW direction to lock.