10" Slip Joint Pliers

KA-2226 (1)
KA-2226 (1)




  • VERSATILE - Jaws quickly adjust from small to wide opening by shifting the pivot.
  • USEFUL - Different Jaw shapes and groove offer multiple gripping zones to grip a various range of materials.
  • Great for holding / gripping things steady or pulling.
  • Non-Slip Parallel Jaw positions.
  • Serrated jaws gives maximum gripping power.
  • Length: 10"
  • Material: CR-MO
  • Handle: Parallel

  1. Gripping with either end or side of jaws to work in confined areas.
  2. Grip flat material without slipping.
  3. Grip small to medium or non-uniform diameter material steady and firmly.
  4. Quickly installs and removes spring-tensioned hose clamps.
  5. Two-position jaws provide greater operating range and applications.
  6. Do NOT use to cut steel or ACSR.

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