1" Air Impact Wrench - Industrial type



PA-126HD-A1 , PA-126HD-A2 , PA-126HD-A3


  • "Super Light-weighted" & Higher-Torque.
  • Only 10.90kg (24 lbs).
  • * Patented * Force Couple Balanced Impact.


  • Air Inlet Angle:
  • 7°: The air hose is closer to user, and safer. Suitable for outdoor operations such as machine assembles, annual repairs, any repair/engineering jobs.
  • 30°: The air hose is away from user and less likely to tangle the user, so it is more convenient Suitable for factory operations such as fastening, assemble…etc.
Item No. Free Speed RPM Max Torque Fastening Capacity Switch Type Air Inlet Inlet Angle Total Length Working Torque
PA-126HD-A1 3000 4750 Nm 50mm Internal 1/2” 580mm 2000-4370 Nm
PA-126HD-A2 3000 4750 Nm 50mm External 1/2” 30˚ 580mm 2000-4370 Nm
PA-126HD-A3 3000 4750Nm 50mm Internal 1/2” 30˚ 580mm 2000-4370 Nm

We heard your voice! Demanded by our European customers, after years of hard works, the “Super Light-weighted” & Higher-Torque 1” Air Impact Wrench is born!! Only 10.9 Kg (24 lbs) !!
The ordinary 1” High Torque Impact wrench is over 17 kgs that is heavy, so it is not easy to maneuver. Besides this, prolonged use might causes shoulder’ pain and other injury.
Very Light – prevent fatigue after long use
Patented design reducing the weight by 36% (about 6.2 kg), only 10.90 kg comparing to ordinary 17kgs ones.
Higher Torque – enhance work efficiency, great for fastening.
Patented Impact structure, the torque is 25% higher than traditional wrench.
Enhance work efficiency and suitable for wider fastening range.