Pulsate Cooling System Flush Tool

KA-6801N (1)




  • With water !!
  • Flush the Radiator, Upper/Lower hoses, Heater Core.
  • Powerful flush cleans impurities in cooling system with pulsating effect.
  • Connects to air compressor and garden hose for flushing the cooling system.
  • Special back pressure one-way valve to avoid excessive pressure accumulated in water hose.
  • Regulator Equipped to adjust the water pressure.
  • A conical adapter for fitting radiator filler necks.
  • 5/8” & 3/4” heater hose barbs and small conical adapter for flushing heater side.

  1. Connect a garden hose (not included) to the garden hose connector.
  2. Connect the tool to air compressor.
  3. Depending on the cleaning area, select the appropriate adapters.
Cleaning the radiator - Connect the flush tool to the big conical adapter, and connect the adapter to radiator filler neck.
Cleaning engine block - Connect the flush tool to flush hose and the big conical adapter via upper hose or lower hose.
Cleaning heater core - Connect the flush tool to flush hose and one of the heater core adapters, secured the connection by the hose clamps provided.
  1. Prepare a bucket (not included) to collect the liquid flushed out of the system at the water outlet.

  1. Turn on the water faucet, and adjust the pressure regulator to the pressure desired.
  2. Press the trigger to the first gear to create the flushing water flow with a pulsating effect.
Press the trigger to the second gear to create the flushing water flow without a pulsating effect.
  1. Collect the liquid flushed out, and check the impurities or debris within, and do the proper maintenance, for example changing a water pump, if necessary.