Hose Clamp Plier with Spring Mechanism

KA-6336KC KA-6336KD
KA-6336KC KA-6336KD


KA-6336KB , KA-6336KC


  • KA-6336KC is applicable to hoses 26mm in diameter.
  • KA-6336KD is applicable to hoses 35-40mm in diameter (depending on the thickness of tubes)
  • Spring -Lever ! Quick-Release!


  • Make Draining fluids from your vehicle easily and saving-times.
  • Lever-Action gives “Quick Release”.
  • Rounded Jaws prevent damages or cut the tubes.
  • Angle jaw enables the pliers to reach confined places easily and precisely.
  • Angle Line Clamp Pliers are designed to close-off rubber hoses to stop the flow of fluids.
  • Made of heat resistant reinforced nylon and fiber for use on Cooling, Brake, Vacuum and Fuel systems.