Brake Bleeder Wrench Set (Second Generation)

KA-8000KD-3AM 3BM
KA-8000KD-3AM 3BM


KA-8000KD-3AM , KA-8000KD-3BM


  • Ideal for bleeding system & hydraulic clutch system without removing the wheel.
  • Built-in wrench & socket in one tool, makes loosening and tightening easy.
  • Color-Coded Wrench for easy identification
  • 1M silicon hose. Wrench with built-in Check valve.
  • For universal bleeder nipples.
  • Made with High quality internal seal last for a long time.
  • Available in 6 Point Hex or 12 Point.
Item No. Wrench Point Wrench Size (mm)
KA-8000KD-3AT 6 Hex 7x8 , 9x10 , 11x12 (Double End)
KA-8000KD-3BT 12
* Silicon Hose with Brake Bleed Adaptor: 1M / 100cm
* Package: Blow Case
* Blow case size: 31x16x5.5cm