Brake Caliper Wrench Set 5pc for HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)

KA-3825 demo




  • Special Design to Remove and Install the Brake Caliper Mounting Bolts of HGV.
  • 3/4” Dr. suitable for using with Torque Wrench
  • Wrenches Made with High Quality Steel
  • Two Striking Faces to sustain the Striking Impact to Loosen the Bolts Easier.
  • The E Profile Wrenches (Torx®) are great for working on Front Axles And Trailing Axles.
  • The Bi-Hex (12 Point) is excellent to loosen or tighten the hexagonal-shaped bolt/fasteners.
  • The Special 12 points design fit the hexagonal fastener with more positions and hence make the loosening and tightening easier.


  • can be use with torque wrench
KA-3825  demo 1
Size Application
E18 (Torx) for MAN TGL / TGM
E20 (Torx) For MAN TGL / TGM
E24 (Torx) For MAN TGA / TGS / TGX
M24 (12-point) For SAF
M26 (12-point) For DAF XF / XF 95 / XF 105 / XF106