A/C Line Splitter

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  • KA-6788 AC Line Splitter
  • Descriptions:
  • The AC line splitter is a helpful testing device for electrician.
  • Electrician can measure the current with clamp meter through the X1 and X10 measuring rings.
  • X1 is 1:1 measurement, and X10 is ten times (1:10) of the actual current, which is helpful for small current measurement.
  • This device also combines the function of socket tester and GFCI tester, which means electrician can use this tester to test socket and load at the same time.
  • Features:
  • Detect faulty wiring in 3 wire receptacle.
  • Test for GFCI receptacle for proper operation, 110-125V circuits.
  • Various combinations of three lights tell if wiring is correct or six possible faulty conditions.
  • Measure the current with clamp meter through the X1 and X10.
  • Patented.