Smoke Leak Detector Set

KA-9073A ALL
KA-9073A ALL




  • A Great Tool to trace any leaks in automotive pipe systems such as air intake, fuel system, exhaust system, vacuum system.
Step 1: Connect the 12V Car Battery:
  Clip the RED battery to the positive pole (+).
  Clip the BLACK battery to the negative (-).
Step 2: Switch ① the power (ON):
  The ② Power Indicator turn GREEN.  (If you connect the pole wrongly, the YELLOW light would on)
  • The machine is equipped with protection device,so it will not be damaged if connect pole incorrectly.
  • If you are using this machine for the FIRST time, please inject 1-2ml baby oil in ⑤ Baby Oil Inlet. Then fill 0.5-1ml for each time.
  • Please use Baby Oil ONLY!!
Step 3: Start Heating to Produce Smoke:
  Press the ③ Start Heating Button,④Heating Indicator light turns YELLOW.
  It would reach workable smoke volume after 90 seconds, then press the ③ Heating Button again to stop heating.
  • The machine would stop automatically after 5 minutes . Repeat Step 4 as needed, and fill baby oil according the smoke.
  • Clean the Smoke Tube with dust gun after each use. The residue hardening baby oil cause clogs in tube.