Battery Tester with Printer for 12V/24V





  • 12V / 24V Battery Analyzer with printer
  • (AGM/EFB)
  • This analyzer utilizes a series of pulsed voltage across the battery cells and observes the AC current
  • that flows in response to it.
  • Help to know the ability of battery system(battery, alternator, cranking motor) soon Equiped an built-
  • in thermal printer, we can have the real stats on paper in just 3 seconds after the test.
  • Conductance correlates directly to the battery capacity This passive testing method is safe, because
  • it's different from the traditional load testing.
  • The result is consistent, repeatable and be performed numerous times. This analyzer can also check
  • the Alternator's charging and Starter's cranking conditions.
  • It is maintenance free and no internal batteries required. (powers up when connected to the battery
  • posts during testing.)
  • The operation is fast and simple.
  • The user just need to connect to the battery, the displayed instructions on the screen will lead you
  • through and a warning tone to caution you to perform the correct steps.
  • Without heating up the unit. It is very safe as it does not create any sparks when connected to the
  • battery terminals during testing on the vehicle. Just one button to print out the result, easy to keep it for long time.