Tube-Type Cleaner With Air



KA-4123-12 / KA-4123-24 / KA-4123-36 / KA-4123-48


  • Tube type cleaner with compressed air to clean hard-to-access areas, such as filters and radiator.
  • 90° angle and 5-port air outlet to increase accessibility and maximize air pressure and volume.
  • Ergonomic handle design enables users to control the air direction easily and work with the tool comfortably.
KA-4123(hole 1)KA-4123(handle)
Tube material Aluminum
Working Pressure 90 psi / 6.2 bar
Max. pressure 170 psi / 11.7 bar
Avg. air consumption 5 CFM / 140 LPM
Inlet threads 1/4”
Item No. KA-4123-12 KA-4123-24 KA-4123-36 KA-4123-48
Tube length 12” 24” 36” 48”
Tube length 304mm 609.6mm 914.4mm 1219.2mm
Overall length 15” 27” 39” 51.1”
Overall length 383mm 688mm 993mm 1298mm
Tolerance ±0.08” / ±2mm

  1. Connect shop air to the cleaner tool.
  2. Insert the tube to the car part or area to be cleaned (Fig 3).
  3. Use one hand to hold the tube for stabilization during operation (Fig 4).
  4. Use the other hand to hold the handle.
  5. Press the trigger to introduce air into the tool to clean.
Fig 3                                                                         Fig 4