Super Thin Back Probes With Angles





  • Probes are provided in straight, 45° and 90° can access to connectors in limited spaced.
  • Super thin probes access to connector back easily between the insulation and weather seal, creating contact on the metal part without damage the insulation.
  • 6 colors help identify different lines for testing.
  • Rear side of female 2mm to connect probes from digital multimeter (DMM) without needing additional adapters.


  • A. Straight: 0.7mm probe overall length 202±2mm
  • B. 45°: 0.7mm probe overall length 197±2mm
  • C. 90°: 0.7mm probe overall length 183±2mm
  • D. Multimeter probe connector
  1. Refer to the wiring diagram on the automotive manufacturer’s manual.
  2. Locate the connector and identify the line to be tested.
  3. If multiple lines will be tested, then use back probes with different colors.
  4. Insert the test probe into the rear side of the connector (Fig. 1) and feel a slight resistance to make sure the probe is in contact with the metal part.
  5. Connect digital multimeter (DMM) to the test probe.
  6. Remove the multimeter after a reading is made.