Turbo System Tester (9pcs)





  • Suitable for the following hose sizes:
  • 35-40-45 mm
  • 50-55-60 mm
  • 65-70-75 mm
  • 80-85-90 mm


  • Helps to locate leaks in the components of turbocharger systems such as pressure hoses, air-to-air intercooler, etc. Testing must be performed when engine is switched off. For professional and economic diagnosis.
  • Connect an airline with known air pressure to the regulator of the tester with the ball valve shut (operating lever at 90° to hose axis).
  • IMPORTANT: Regulate air pressure in tester to 25psi maximum.
  • Refer to manufacturer’s manual relating to the maximum air pressure of the turbo or other system being tested. Over pressurization may damage system components. For example the maximum pressure in most vehicle turbo systems is approximately 15psi (1bar) up to 25ps (1.7bar). A vehicle coolant system is typically rated at 15psi. A graduated approach to leakage testing is recommended.