Extended Bar HGV Wheel Nut Wrench

Truck Tool


KA-5412B-A ~ KA-5412B-K

Item No. Size
KA-5412B-A 7/8”Φ with 24mm X 27mm X 400mm L(#6140)
KA-5412B-B 25.4mmΦ with 30mm X 32mm X 400mm L(#6140)
KA-5412B-C 25.4mmΦ with 32mm X 33mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-D 19mmΦX 630mmL (S45C)
KA-5412B-E 25.4mmΦ with 27mm X 30mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-F 25.4mmΦ with 27mm X 32mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-G 25.4mmΦ with 30mm X 33mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-H 25.4mmΦ with 28mm X 33mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-I 25.4mmΦ with 27mm X 33mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-J 25.4mmΦ with 24mm X 38mm X 400mm L (#6140)
KA-5412B-K 25.4mmΦ with 3/4” X 32mm X 400mm L (#6140