48 LED Work Light





  • Folding desigh, 180° fully folded
  • Patented new design, sleek, lightweight, particularly good texture, comfort grip. 
  • All folding design, 180° fully folded 1/2 smaller in size, easy storage and portability. 
  • Innovative design, automatic IC sensor switch, turn on the use of that light, when folded back off, do not press the switch can be used to increase their convenience, can extend the switch life.
  • The intimate design battery replacement mode, the battery is of the consumable, when returned to the factory no need to replace the battery damage, simply purchase another consumer replaceable batteries can, moreover, when you have to work long hours of battery power exhausted, without waiting for the charging time, put already fully charged backup battery can continue to complete your work, increase work efficiency.
  • The lighting design transparent protective cover can be replaced with the light dimmed when your lamp might be defaced transparent cover, this time as long as the transparent protective cover replacement, illumination and can restore the original brightness.
Transparent mask if fouling, they can always replaceable.
IC sensor switch automatically opens that is the use of light, when folded off, without pressing the switch can be used.
The new patented folding desigh can be completely folded body 180° narrow plot 1/2, sleek