Soldering Iron Kit





  • Power range: 30W ~ 125W
  • Automatic igniting
  • Portable model, multi-function heat tool
  • Butane Powered
  • Bold ergonomic design
  • Equivalent to a power range 30-125watt.
  • Cordless, simple, safe operation anywhere.
  • Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition.
  • Tank contains fuel for 120 minutes of operation.
  • No cords, can be used anywhere.
  • No electrical interference.
  • Comes with soldering tip and protective cap.
Length: w/cap 254mm (10”)
w/soldering tip 245mm (9.7”)
Weight(when gas-filled) 166g
Approximate temperature soldering tip 250~550℃
Torch 1300℃ (2400℉)
Gas container capacity 12 ml
Operating Time
(one gas filling)
100 min
At mid setting

Automotive and truck repairs, Aviation service and repair, Electrical components, Environmental splicing, Field repairs, Insulated solder preform, Jewelry repair, Loosen rusted nuts and bolts, Maintain switch panels, Repair television sets, meters, switch boards, sensitive IC boards, shrink tubing, silver solder, soften window caulking, Solder circuit boards, TV cable systems, Weld plastics.

Option accessories: the accessories listed below are available
Parts NO. Description Type   Parts NO. Description Type
PS-1 1.6mm soldering tip Conical   PS-6 3.2mm Soldering tip Angle
PS-2 3.2mm soldering tip Conical   PS-9 Hot Knife
* KA-PRO120K includes
PS-3 2.4mm soldering tip
* KA-PRO120K includes
Chisel   PS-10 Heat Blower
* KA-PRO120K includes
PS-4 3.2mm soldering tip Chisel   PS-14 Orifice Assembly
* KA-PRO120K includes
PS-5 2.4mm soldering tip Angle   S-30 Defleclor --
How to changing tips:
  1. Be sure the tip has cooled before removal.
  2. The catalyst seen through the hot air exhaust hole of the soldering tip is very delicate and will not sustain mechanical abuse without serious damage.
  3. The soldering tip is easily removable allowing the installation of other style tips or the replacement of a worn tip. After the soldering tip is cool, simply unscrew it with a counterclockwise motion. Be careful not to over-tighten as this could damage the nozzle assembly and thread in the body.