Handy Pitch Gauge





  • 3-in-1 functions: diameter, pitch, length.
  • Suitable for male parallel bolts, studs and screws.
  • Includes most common sizes in metrics and SAE.
  • Convenient tool avoids incorrect bolt, stud or screw installation.
  • Material: ABS.
For checking threads
  1. Find a hole with a similar size to the object (a bolt, stud or screw to be checked) (fig.1)
  2. Connect the object to the hole to see if the hole matches the object.
Note: when the object threads match hole threads, the object can be rotated smoothly. If un-smoothness occurs, it is an indication that the threads do not match. Connection with force may cause hole threads damaged.
For checking diameter
  1. Position the object against the innermost part of the V-shape groove.
  2. Find the point where the edges of the object and the gauge touch each other (see the arrows on fig 2), and read the marking.
For checking length
  1. Place the object on both sides of the gauge (SAE on the right and metrics on the left).
  2. One end of the object should align the upper line of the gauge (fig.3 and fig.4) and read the marking.