Camshaft Clamp Tool Kit

Timing Tool for Diesel Engine




  • For locking camshafts when checking and adjusting timing.
  • For removing and installing camshaft drive gear and eliminating play in gear train.
  • Application: Transporter T5, Touareg.
Picture Part No. / Description
KA-8379-1  Camshaft Clamp
Phaeton 2003, Touareg 2003, Transporter 2004, 10-cyl. Diesel in Phaeton and Touareg for 5-cyl. Diesel engine in Touareg and Transporter
KA-8379-2  Camshaft Clamp Tool
Touareg 2003, Phaeton 2003, Transporter 2004, 5 and 10-cyl. Diesel engine
KA-8379-3  Crankshaft Clamp
Touareg 2003, Transporter 2004, 5-cyl. Diesel engine. For setting engine to cylinder 1 TDC
Camshaft Compensation Gear Pre-Tensing Tool
KA-8379-5  Key for Crankshaft
To twist or hold against the crankshaft. Required for example when setting the motor shafts to OT or the releasing of the gear mounting screw as at the wat
r pump