Vacuum/Pressure Pump




  • Mechanical engine condition
  1. Vacuum gauge
  2. Cylinder leakage
  3. Valve stem oil seals
  4. Heavy duty diesel piston pin retainer leakage
  5. Turbocharger waste gates motorcycle and marine
  6. Sealing & Defective gaskets
  • Testing
Vacuum pump provides many tests including but not limited to the following.
1.  Automatic transmission
*vacuum modulators
5.  Emission control system
*heated-inlet air system
*EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) system
2.  Body and accessories
*vacuum reservoirs
*air conditioning and heating
*heater cores
6.  Engine tune-up
*carburetor adjustments and service
*carburetor chokes
*propane carburetor service
3.  Brake systems
*antilock brake system
*conventional brake system
*power brake system
7.  Fuel system problems
*fuel tank
*fuel lines
*fuel pumps
*fuel pressure regulator
4.  Computerized engine control systems
*FORD EED-III and MCU system
*CHRYSLER electronic fuel control system
*American motors engine controls
8.  Ignition system services
*system functions
*ignition timing
*power brake system
  • Vacuum reading from 0 to –1 bar / 0 to 760 mmHG with 0.05 gauge increments
  • Pressure reading from 0 to 4 bar / 0 to 60 PSI with 0.05 gauge increments