Engine Cooling System Leakage Tester



KA-4277A / KA-4277B


  • KA-4277A for U.S.A. system vehicles
  • KA-4277B for European system vehicles


  • Designed to check cooling system for leaks on common cars. Tester set includes air pressure regulator with gauge, different diameter connecting tube (1/4”, 5/16”) and hose clamp pliers (8”, 10”, 12”).
  • Easy to use and quickly find leaks in cooling system.
Test Procedure:
  1. Let engine cool down until close to room temperature.
  2. Close the manual valve on pressure regulator assembly. Connect the pressure regulator assembly with connecting tube to colling system. Supply compressed air into pressure regulator assembly.
  3. Open the manual valve on regulator assembly. Adjust regulator assembly until gauge display approx 1kg.
  4. Close the manual valve on pressure regulator assembly again. Unconnect tompressed air to pressure regulator assembly.
  5. Hold the gauge pressure on regulator. If pressures reduce, lokking for where appears cooling water to find leakage position in cooling system. Swivel hose clamp pliers’ jaws for parallel clamping cooling system hoses.
WARNING: always wear eye or face protection when using these tools.