Cooling System Vacuum Purge & Refill Kit (for all cars)





  • The Air Usually Enter the Radiator when the Mechanics Refill the Coolant In and Causes Damages to the Car Engines.
  • The new KA-2878K Cooling System Vacuum Purge & Refill Kit can prevent this problem.
  • Enable total Vacuum of the Radiator.
  • Prevent the Air Entering the Radiator.
  1. Please empty water of radiator. Choose a suitable rubber bush, and put it between cooling system adapter and radiator tightly. (See Figure 1)
  2. Connect cooling system adapter to vacuum pump, and connect shop air to air connector. Please turn on the switch. (See Figure 2)
  3. Allow air pressure to reach a vacuum level of approximately between 20~25 inches of mercury. Please turn off the switch, and take off the vacuum pump. (See Figure 3)
  4. Connect coolant hose to cooling system adapter and then turn on the switch. 
  5. (The coolant hose should have filled with coolant, and put in the box which filled with coolant) (See Figure 4)
  6. The coolant will flow to the radiator via coolant hose.