Common Rail Diesel Fuel Return Flow Kit





  • Checking the return flow volumes from common rail systems for eight injectors.
  • Used on injectors of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Vdo/Siemens.
  • A plexiglass container with a graduated scale permits the comparative measurement of return flow volumes from individual injectors.
  • The container is provided with a hook, which can be hung up in the engine compartment.
  • The tester is connected by adapters to the return flow pipe from the injector. The adapters, marked with the name of the injector manufacturer which can be changed over at the connecting hosepipe.
1 – Plexglass measuring container with 8 fuel-resistant
8 – Highly flexible hoses, 1.2M for each8 – Highly flexible hoses, 130mm (Ø3.3) for each.
8 – Highly flexible hoses, 130mm (Ø2.5) for each.
8 – Adapters for Bosch injectors.
8 – Adapters for Delphi injectors.
8 – Adapters for Denso injectors.
8 – Adapters for Vdo/Siemens injectors.
1 – Solid plastic case
1 – Hose clamp
1 – Spring
1 – Hook