Professional Type Power Master





  • Output Voltage: 12V 500A
  • Battery: 12V/ 25H
  • Charge Time: 20-24 hours (indoor), 4-6 Hour (in car)
  • (Initial charge time: 48 hours for fully charge power)
  • Weight: 8.2 kg
  • Indoor Charger, Cigarette Charger, Battery Charger and Car Battery/ Alternator Tester
  • CE Certified/ Approval
  1. Start the Stall Car: Connect the red clamp to the (+) of car battery & black clamp to (-) of car battery.
  2. Checking the Car Battery Volume: touch the (-) of car battery with black clamp, put the car bttery tester into the “Hole” for tester, touch the (+) pole of car battery with the Car Battery tester.
  3. When Generator is Broken: Ignite the car, connect the power master to the cigarette plug and the Charge/ Release Hole. The power last 2-3 hours.
  4. Maintain the Setting / Memory of the Car Stereo System and Computer when changing, battery: Connect the power Master with the cigarette plug, then change the battery.
  5. Check the Car Motor
  6. Emergency Light Source: Turn on the light for illumination. Or connect the working light for illumination.
  7. Plug with a Transformer: Power Master provide the power for home appliances such as notebook or fax machine.
  8. Emergency Power Sources.
  9. Fast Recharge Power: When the Power Master is out of power, you can recharge Power Master with the car battery with battery clamp in only 15 minutes.
( Note: when the Red light illuminates on the indication board, please recharge the power master within 2 days)