Terminal Test Kit





  • 14-piece terminal adapter kit with circuit tester.
  • Terminals include Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack, and Micro-Pack style terminals. External-internal design to test the circuit without damaging the connector. Use this tester to check high and low voltages (power and ground) on 6, 12 and 24 volt system. High impedance to protect sensitive electronic sensors, microprocessors, electronic ignition components and air bags. LED indicates red for power (high) and green for ground (low). Connects the red lead to a power source and the black lead to a ground source.
LED circuit Tester
6.0mm male/female terminal
5.0mm male/female terminal
3.0mm male/female terminal
2.5mm male/female terminal
2.0mm male/female terminal
1.2mm male/female terminal
0.8mm male/female terminal
Ø4.0 banana adapter
Wire Check Clip x 1
1 to 1 Male/Female Extension Wire x 2