Ignition Coil Connectors





  • Coil connectors type: Benz, Volvo, Suzuki, Toyota, Luxgen, Honda, Nissan, VW/Audi, Ford, Hyundai, GM, BMW, Mitsubishi
  • (connector type could collocate you want)


  • To operate gasoline engine have to accompany with ignition system, is combined by ignition coil, high tension cable, spark plug, distributor, ignition amplifier, etc. The coil produce the power of high voltage surge, it is the most difficult part to diagnose. Choice the IGNITION EXPERT can help you to judge the defect accurate and rapidly. To solve the ignition problem by the redouble function tools.
Step 1: Connect the ignition coil and spark tester (will ground connected).
Connect the adapter cable with ignition coil
Step 2: Ensure that the testers speed adjustment knob is turned to the left end (counterclockwise for minimum)
Step 3: Connect the tester’s power supply clips to the battery terminals. Plug the power cable into the tester’s power input socket
Step 4: When the DC 12V power is supplied, the tester’s Red LED will light up. The unit will run through a Self-test for about 2 seconds and the Green LED up start the flas
Step 5: Connect the coil power and signal cable with tester.
Step 6: Turn the knob to change the ignition speed fast or slow. After test finished turn the knob to the left end (counterclockwise)