3 in 1 2 & 3 Pin Brake Piston Rewind Back Tool Set





  • Flexible Hose Clamp
  • Brake Pedal & Throttle Pedal Depressor
  1. Flexible Hose Clamp
  • Hose clamp tool reaches to the tightest of places where radiator hoses are located without having to guide with your hand.
  • Flexible rigid shaft holds position, and helps to obtain those difficult positions.
  • Locking arm to keep hoses locked in open position.
  1. 2 & 3 Pin Brake Piston Rewind Back Tool Set
  • The ergonomic tool designed to push and wind back brake calipers.
  • Fast and simple , one hand used.
  • The adapters enable the tool to work on most common calipers.
  • Suitable for use on either way handed wind back calipers.
  1. Brake Pedal & Throttle Pedal Depressor
  • This tool kit allowing any test that requires the brakes or throttle to be applied to be carried out by one person rather than two.
  • Attaches to steering wheel and depresses throttle pedal.
  • Quickly adjusts RPM to desired setting.
  • Saves time on air conditioning work, fuel injection cleaning, cylinder balance tests and tune-ups.
  • Tool is 750mm in overall length.