Pneumatic Tool For Brake Piston & Wire Hose Clamp




Brake Piston Wind Back Tool:
  • The new drive tool in the form of a pneumatic spindle enables very comfortable easy work.
  • Essential tool for retracting the brake piston to allow insertion of new brake pads.
  • The rotation (left and right) can be adjusted by hand, quickly and easily.
  • Brake Pad Range: 0~100mm
  • The pad open jaw: 10~90mm
Wire Hose Clamp Tool:
  • Designed for replacement of fuel, oil and water hose and easy to working hidden areas and long distance.
  • Useful for areas with difficult access.
  • Allows for that often needed extra reach.
  • For the removal and locking of clamps into open position.
  • Flexible wire length: 650mm
  • The clamp jaw: 0~50mm

Four Type:

Pneumatic disc brake separator

Pneumatic disc brake separator – Wide Type

Pneumatic brake piston wind back tool

Wire hose clamp tool