Brake System Repair Kit





  • (Brake caliper wind back tool set & brake bleeder tube)
1. Brake Caliper Wind Back
Step 1: Choose a suitable brake caliper adapter, and then put it on the front side of right / left helix bolt.
Step 2: Roll the lever clockwise, move and push the adapter into the fillister of the brake caliper.
Step 3: When the work is done, and then simply roll the lever anticlockwise to remove the helix bolt.
1-1: Right hand helix bolt
1-2: Left hand helix bolt
2: Citroen/XM, Xantia. (F/R)
3: Audi(F). FIAT/Alfa Romeo(F). Ford/Fiesta(F). ISUZU(F). Honda/Concesto(F). Jaguar/XJ6, XJ40(F/R). BMW/318is, 320i,325TD,518i,525i & 1x,740i,850ci,M5.(F).Nissan/Mlera, Stanza, Sunny(F). Rover/Austin, Metro, 200 & 400 series, Maestra, Montego(F). Toyota/Camry(F). Volvo(F). VW/Passat, Golf GTI(F).
4: Ford Australia/NZ Telstar, Laser(R). Mazda(R). SAAB 9000(R). Fiat/Alfa Romeo 1642.0(R). Honda/Prelude, CRS 16i, GM/Saturn(R). GM/Grand Prix, Lumina.
5: 3/8” dr. Adapter used with extension bar and ratchet when need to apply more strength to the piston.
6: Nissan, Primera, VW/Golf IV.
7: Audi/80,90,V8+100, Coupe E(R). Rover/800 ABS. Subaru L+Z(R). Ford/sierra ABS, Granada, Scorpio ABS 85(R). Nissan/bluebird 1.8 Turbo, Silvia Turbo, Primera 2.0i LS/GS/GSX(R). Peugeot/405 1.9GI, Gri, Sri, Gtxi, MI16, 605 2.0 sri(R). Toyota/Celica, Corolla GT, MR2(R).VW/Golf Gti, Jeta Synchro, Jetta Gti 16v, Passat CL, GL, GT and GT 16V, Corrado 16V scirroca GTX 16V (R).
8: GM most 1-7/8” diameter pistons.
9: GM most 2-1/8” diameter pistons. (CADI Seville/Eldorad 80-85).
0: GM most 2-1/2” diameter pistons. (Seville/Eldored 79).
A: Renault/R21, Laguna (Rear Disk).
M: Ford Motors Mini Cooper.
N: SAAB. Honda.
F: Opel (Rear disk)
E: Nissan Maximas.
K: Citroen

2.Single-Way Brake Bleeder Tube (simple way to release the remained brake oil)
Installment and operation:
Step 1: Release the old brake oil as much as possible from the brake master cylinder.
Step 2: Fill the new brake oil into brake master cylinder.
Step 3: Before installment, please confirm the size of the small black rubber pipe which in copper adapter to fit the nozzle. As ” Fig. B ” shows that you could screw and separate No.2 copper adapter and install suitable black rubber pipe.
Step 4: Install the single-way brake bleeder tube on the nozzle, connect No.2 copper adapter with No.1 nozzle.
Step 5: Loosen the nozzle with hex wrench and release the pressure.
Step 6: Press the pedal for few times and release remained old oil, repeat this step until the single-way brake bleeder tube shows light and clear oil. The work is done.
Remove the bleeder tube:
Step 1: Turn and fasten the nozzle (No. 1) with hex wrench, remove the brake bleeder tube.
Step 2: Clean the tube. Remove the long tube from the copper adapter (Fig. A - No.3) to release the remained oil from the long tube; and then, pull the steel release rod (Fig. C - No.4) to release the remained oil from the short tube. Keep the device into the product box.