2L Pneumatic Brake Fluid Changer





  • Capacity: 2Litres.
  • Working Pressure: 90PSI
  • Air inlet: 1/4”


  • The oil extractor unit is ideally suited for:
  • Extracting or changing engine oils or lubricants in motor vehicles, motor bikes, marine engines, stationary engines, large and small industrial machinery, as well as non lubricants such as water from fish tanks etc.

Remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir.
Suck out all old fluid with the pneumatic bake fluid changer.        

STEP 2: 
Place the refill pot which contains new brake fluid into the reservoir. New fluid will automatically flow in to keep the level constant.        

STEP 3:        
Push the red end of the clear plastic tube onto the bleeder screw.
Connect the unit with the air compressor it will automatically extract the fluid.

STEP 4:         
When the color of the fluid is clear, tighten the bleeder screw to stop the extraction.
(To prevent air from entering the brake system at the bleeder screw). the tube can now be removed from the bleeder screw.
  • Repeat the above procedure at every wheel.
  • The function of the refill pot is to automatically add new fluid into the reservoir as the pneumatic brake fluid changer sucks out the old fluid from the bleeder screw.