Brake Flaring Tool Set





  • The tool works on Cupro-Nickel and steel pipes as well as coated steel piping.
  • Can be used in-situ.
  • The set incorporates the tools to flare 4.75mm, 5mm and 6mm pipes by using the correctly sized die and punches.
  1. 1 x force screw
  2. 1 x pair 4.75mm (3/16”) dies
  3. 1 x pair 5mm dies
  4. 1 x pair 6mm dies
  5. 1 x main part
  6. 1 x handle
  7. 1 x SAE operation 1:4.75 (3/16”) & 5mm punch
  8. 1 x SAE operation 1:6mm (1/4”) punch
  9. 1 x SAE operation 2:4.75 (3/16”) & 5mm & 6mm (1/4”) punch
  10. 1 x DIN 4.75 (3/16”) & 5mm punch
  11. 1 x DIN 6mm (1/4”) punch
  12. 1 x Hex wrench 5mm

1. 2.
Identify and assembly the correct dies for the flare and pipe size required and tighten the forcing screw.
Note: the 3 screw just mount them in position temporarily
Assemble the dies and pipe as shown with the pipe end flush with top of the screw and put in the pipe
3. 4.
Locking the screw by Allen wrench Select the required punch and fit into screw, and insert the punch/screw combination into forcing screw.
Tighten the forcing screw and aligns with the end of the pipe.
5. 6.
Unscrew the screw by Allen wrench Unscrew the forcing screw and take out the pipe.