Universal Tie Rod Stabilizer Set

Ball Joint




  • This tool set is designed to perform alignment up to the point of setting center tie rod ends in their sockets when setting toe-in for all common type passenger cars and light trucks on front wheels.
  • This will help to adjust the tie rod for proper toe-in angles.
  • Would like to obtain a straight steering wheel, insuring proper steering performance.
1.    Always refer to the manufacture’s service when making a wheel alignment for correct alignment procedures and safety precautions.
2.    Because the both tie rods are adjusted to correct toe, Strongly recommended use stabilizers in pairs.
3.    Install the one stabilizer on the tie rod end and another on the steering knuckle end. Tighten stud until plane of tie rod end top matches corresponding part.
4.    Toe usually is increased or decreased by turn both tie rod sleeves to lengthen or shorten the tie rods.
5.    Adjust this tie rod until is at desired angles.
6.    Tighten tie rod sleeves lock nut.
7.    Remove the stabilizers form tie rod.
8.    Road test for vehicle.