I.C. Engine Mechanic’s Stethoscope





  • Provides a fast and easy way to locate troubles in engines, bearings and other moving parts.
Electronic stethoscope
  • Connect headphone jack into stethoscope unit
  • Turn unit on with volume control dial & set to mid level
  • Put headset on & place probe onto part to be tested.
  • Use to detect & diagnose worn pistons, faulty lifter, bearing & gear noise, manifold leaks – also use to locate wind & water leaks in doors & windscreens.
Component stethoscope
  • Attach 4 or 6 sensor clamps to suspected source of noise
  • Use either Velcro straps or cable ties to secure the clamp wires.
  • Plug headphone jack into selector box & turn on with volume control & set to midlevel
  • Operate component or test drive vehicle to duplicate the problem noise.
  • Adjust volume to desired level & rotate the selector box knob between the 4 or 6channels, until the source of the noise is isolated.
  • Use to trace drive-train, under-bonnet & under-dash source of noises.
  • Stethoscope & 4 or 6 channel selector box require a 9 volt battery – supplied.