6pcs Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set

KA-3636B (千裕宏)
KA-3636B (千裕宏)




  • Material: CRMO
  • 15mm Flat Reamer for Universal injector.
  • 17mm Flat Reamer for Delphi/Bosch injectors (BMW/PSA/Renault/Ford).
  • 19mm Flat Reamer for Bosch injectors (Mercedes CRD).
  • 19mm Angled Reamer for Fiat/Iveco.
  • T handle x 1pc
  • Pilot post x 1pc


  • Identify injector "blow-by" exists (The leaking of combustion gases from the cylinder through the injector seat, the “blow-by” causes starting symptoms and poor running, excessive smoke, tar build-up, loss and noise of compression).
  • Re-face the diesel injector seat in order for the new or reconditioned injector to be fitted correctly.
  • Clean and re-cutting of injector seat.
  • Avoid a high risk of “blow-by” occurring cause of the build up of carbon deposits and the effects of corrosion.
  • Application for all modern common rail diesel engines.
  • Don’t use with air tools