New Products


  • Easy and comprehensive tests on gasoline cylinder compression pressure
  • Provided with mostly common used adapters (M14 x P1.25 and M18 x P1.5)
  • Includes aluminum test tubes, fitting in-line and V-shape engines
  • Provides self-lock design


  • Content:
  • Gauge, Straight Tube, Angled Tube, Rubber Hose.
  • Straight Tube: for In-Line Engine
  • Angled Tube: for V Shape Engine
  • Rubber Hose: Universal Applications
  • How to Connect:
  • 1. Choose a suitable test adapter
  • 2. Connect the adapter to rubber test hose
  • 3. Complete the self-lock function until hear “click” sound
  • This set can be used on gasoline engines ONLY.
  • DO NOT use on diesel engines
  • Pay extra attention to dangers resulted from high pressure and high temperature
  • Deactivate fuel supply system before test
  • Remove spark plug connectors and high-voltage wires before test
  • When using the aluminum test tube (angled or straight),one hand must hold and press against the test tube on the spark plug hole at all time
  • Always read the instruction manual carefully before working
  • Always wear eye protection that meets OSHA and ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Always wear hand gloves when work with the tool
  • Always wear ear protection
  • Ensure the work area has adequate lighting
  • Keep children and unauthorised persons away from work area
  • Keep work area clean and tidy and free from unrelated materials
  • DO NOT allow untrained persons to use the kit
  • Customers should follow local regulations or entrust local organization to
    handle used/wasted parts